The Eckhardt Update – September 

I’m so excited that West and I will now be writing a monthly newsletter! We both feel like it will be a great way to reflect on the highlights of the previous month, while also encouraging us to make the most of the months ahead! So let’s get into it! 

At a Glance: September was a crazy busy month for the Eckhardt Clan. Having just returned from the August trip to Canada, we jumped back into hosting as Brooke’s mom and brother came down from Alaska to get him settled to live down here. Brooke was kept very busy with photography this month including the launch of her new website, an engagement session, and even an amazing wedding for a childhood friend.  On top of that, she was able to form a partnership with a local hair and makeup artist and they will now be offering packages together for anything from senior sessions and prom, to boudoir and weddings! West was able to sneak in a few days of rock climbing this month even though he has been crazy busy prepping for the winter season at his job. The swing seasons can be stressful in the lawn care and snow removal world as you have to be prepared to do either at a moments notice, especially in Montana! Thankfully West is more than up to the task and always looks forward to the change in seasons and the anticipation of plowing. 

Q: What Was You Favorite Thing That Happened This Month?  

Brooke: I’m so thankful that in one month, I was able to help my brother move down to Bozeman and now have him here full time as well as travel to Petersburg to see all my family and friends, all in the same month! 

West:  Watching summer begin to pass. We saw a warm start to September, followed by much needed rain and even snow. Our wildfires are now almost completely gone, and we can see our mountains again. Leaves are beginning to turn, the mornings are frosty, and the snow is already on the peaks.

Q: What Are You Thankful For This Month? 

Brooke: I’m so glad that the fire season is over for the most part! The entire state was ablaze and we didn’t see the mountains for months this summer. So happy to be breathing clean air again! 

West: Strange as it sounds, I like going to work in the dark. All summer you feel like a whiny person if you are tired all the time, even when the suns been up hours before you rise. Nowadays, I get to our shop and watch first light peek over the Bridgers. Much more enjoyable. 

Q: What Are You Looking Forward To Next Month? 

Brooke: Halloween for sure! I have some pretty big plans this year and can’t wait to get everything all pulled together! 

West: My company is in the process of building out a new shop, which brings lots of challenge and learning with it. I’m looking forward to taking the time to design it well, and reaping the benefits for years to come! 

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