The Eckhardt Update – October

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At a Glance: October has always marked a shift in the air for our family, and this October held more changes than usual. Along with the turning leaves, our focus has begun to turn from outdoor pursuits to fulfilling the inevitable urge to burrow down into a nest of blankets near our fireplace with a mug of something warm. Our wardrobes are a jumbled mess of summer and winter clothes with the seemingly bipolar weather keeping everyone in a state seasonable limbo. Speaking of the weather, October marks the last month before winter contracts kick in for West which means the scramble to prep for snow removal has been in full swing! It is another form of seasonal limbo where the lawns still need attention, but the plows and shovels are beginning to emerge from the shadows.

However the excitement for a change of pace in work is a welcome relief after the hot months of grass stains and sweat. October for Brooke tiggers the near manic obsession with the looming holidays. Halloween this year was a slightly more subdued affair compared to last year as we did not go out on the town, however we still got into the spirit with a Stranger Things Season 2 viewing party. It was a good excuse to decorate the house and play with some dry ice for cocktails. However the biggest change this month was becoming and aunt and uncle for the first time to Evan Robert Wynne, born Oct. 5th 2017. We got to meet him a few weeks later and he seems to be pretty chill and is nailing the whole baby thing! We also got to spend a little time on the ranch which is always special this time of year as fall was the first time West brought me to visit when  first met. We love all times of the year, but we do seem to make some of our best memories during this season!

Q: What Was Your Favorite Thing That Happened This Month? 

Brooke: Having a Stranger Things Party was awesome! I went full on arts and crafts times every spare minute this month and had a blast getting to host! As much fun as it was, I can’t wait till next year for even more spookiness and more elaborate festivities.

West: It’s pretty cool being an uncle! Even though it wasn’t accomplished by any effort on our end, it feels as though a very adult checkbox has been checked off.

Q: What Are You Thankful For This Month? 

Brooke: I am thankful that we were able to get away for one last mini vacation this month to the ranch before we get snowed in for the winter. We got to see a ton of wildlife while we were there and enjoyed spending time with the family.

West: I am thankful for fall in Montana. The beauty in the mountains brought unequivocal joy as we labored away. The mornings were cold enough to warrant warm layers, and the work itself changed from mowing grass to picking up leaves and installing snow fence. The change brought excitement for what’s to come!

Q: What Are You Looking Forward To Next Month? 

Brooke: With the winter months right around the corner, I’ve started trying to decide on what hobby I want to take on and I’m just getting into watercolor so I am very excited to continue trying my hand at that next month!

West: Snowplow season! Be it by mental defect or unexplainable passion, I simply adore pushing snow around. Warm truck, warm coffee, good music, and nothing to do but enjoy the storm around you. The hours may be long, but enjoying every minute of it makes for very satisfying days.

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